As of today, George has a buddy.  After his budding masculinity got him expelled from the girl’s paddock, we tried him with Maz (who said NO WAY and George jumped out of the arena to get away).  I’ve been mulling over who might work as his friend; it has to be a horse that won’t put up with crap, but also won’t beat the crap out of a much smaller colt.

So, today I tried him with Galen, aka ‘Uncle Galen’.  Galen has shown great patience with greenies on the trail and has set up rules and boundaries for at least one rambunctious colt.

There was quite a bit of round penning from Galen, but he never pushed too hard.  After 20 minutes or so, they got to know each other a bit.

I cleaned stalls while watching them to make sure there wasn’t too much excitement.

Looks like Uncle Galen has done it again!  And look at how big George is!

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