Alamet and friends

The weaning has been going well.  George and Khaleesi are fine together (Khaleesi has become ‘big sister’) and we tried them out with Annie, figuring she had done this a million times and would just take over.

NOPE!  She ran the fence line screaming for Alamet.  I think she is just plain done with babysitting.  We turned Alamet out too and that was ok, but Annie still wanted nothing to do with the foals.

So, next nice day, we put all three youngsters out together.

George and Khaleesi followed Alamet around like ducklings.

This would all be great, EXCEPT, Alamet is in heat and George is very…interested.  Argh.  I don’t have any other colts or geldings that want to deal with a teenage hormone monster.  Maybe Annie knew this and that is why she said “NO”.

Time to sell him and help me get him gelded!  Make me an offer.  He is very, very nice, and will be a fantastic performance partner.



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