Weaning update

It’s been about a week and George and Khaleesi (aka Menze Khan and Anahita) are fine without their mommas.  We’re supposed to have a few nice days of weather (we will see if it actually happens), so we went to the next step of weaning today:  Friends.

First the youngsters need to be ok by themselves, check.  Here are the two enjoying a little pasture time.

This went on for awhile and my phone will only send short videos, so here are a few more.

You can see some pretty nice trot from both kids in the videos above.

Annie and Alamet watching the show.

Once they got their ya-yas out a bit, I brought Annie out, thinking she’s be fine with this.

Annie was not on board with that idea.  She has been ‘Grannie Annie’ for years, but this year she made it VERY CLEAR that she wanted her assistant, Alamet, with her.  Once we turned Alamet out with them too, it was fine.  We left them all out together for about 30 minutes or so, until they were all eating grass peacefully (if in different corners of the field).  Next time, they will be closer.  Pretty soon, best buds.

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