Cute Foal Videos

It’s cold out and the ‘kids’ are finding ways to keep warm.  For George, that mainly includes leaping, biting and getting into trouble.  Khaleesi just keeps saying “Stop it!”  “Don’t do that”  “You’re dumb” and similar things.

I tried to upload the videos to Facebook, but it wasn’t having it.  After 2 days of trying, I gave up.

I had wondered what happened to that really nice, black leather foal halter.  This video explains it: George pulled it off Khaleesi and ate it.

And here are some other ones.  I was laughing pretty hard, so there are foggy spots.

One of these days, I’ll take out my camera and get something longer.  Right now though, my cell phone will only send 10 seconds or less of video.

Both youngsters are for sale.

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