Anastasia – Asal x Pelenli, 1991 purebred mare, 2002 grading scores of  7.5 for type and 9.0 for conformation.  Annie is a lovely mare, who produces foals with excellent type, conformation, disposition and gaits.  Annie has had 10 foals and is now retired to being ‘Auntie Annie’, providing guidance and solace to weaned foals and young horses (and keeping them in line). 

She was tested for Naked Foal Syndrome and is N/N (clear) naked-foal-syndrome-results


ANIKA– 1997 mare, Astrachan x Anastasia, owned by Ramin Hojjati of California.

ALYESHKA—Astrachan x Anastasia—1998 purebred mare, owned by Julie Manuele of Washington

SUMGAIT—Samarkand x Anastasia—02 purebred gelding, owned by Sandra de Blois of Canada

ALAV—Astrachan x Anastasia—04 purebred filly, owned by Irina Klimanskaya of Massachusetts

KAMILESHEN—Aliger x Anastasia—05 purebred filly, owned by Darla Dickenson of Canada

ASIL TUMAY—Astrachan x Anastasia—06 purebred gelding, owned by Shannon Mayfield of Oregon.

ASALARI—Astrachan x Anastasia—07 purebred mare  owned by CGAT.

ARTEMESIA– Murgab x Anastasia—09 purebred filly, bred by  Bold Vantage Farms of Alberta, Canada

MIRAS– Murgab x Anastasia—2010 purebred colt, bred by Bold Vantage Farms, owned by Erin of Maryland

SAZANDA – Salam x Anastasia–  born June 7th, 2011, owned by Julie of Seattle, WA