Andymn – g., Astrachan x Mirija

Andymn is nearly 16 hands, so he can carry a larger rider without any strain, and his easy canter and smooth trot are great for beginner riders building confidence. He’s easygoing and not spooky. But Andy has more to offer than that. He has a solid dressage foundation and is a capable jumper over smaller fences.


Because of his previous owner’s health, Andy was in and out of work over the years, so he hasn’t had a ton of exposure off the farm, but he did go to some clinics and participated in a breed demo at Celebrate the Horse in 2009.

In 2013, that all changed. After a few months of schooling and conditioning, he went to a schooling show at Donida Farm and competed in dressage and pleasure classes.


Andy also participated in the Akhal-Teke filming at the Washington State Horse Park with rider Dani Scott.



Now Andy works several days a week in the lesson program, but he has room in his dance card if someone would like to half-lease him and perhaps do some schooling shows or limited distance endurance rides with him.  He’s earned the name “The Professor” for his wonderful attitude with all levels of riders.  He’s forgiving for beginners, yet can match a more experienced rider with no problem.


He is an excellent trail mount as well, and went to a trail obstacle course at Lord Hill in January of 2014 with Julie Villanueve (cancelled midway through due to weather).  He’s also taking new endurance riders out for their first times on the trail.

00009_Andy_Monica - Copy


Andy is very affectionate and a little bit vain – he responds very well to someone who makes a bit of a fuss over him.  He does love to ‘work for cookies’ and expects his “pay” at the end of each ride.