Ahmiyetli is the newest CGAT horse – brand spanking new, in fact!  She was born 6/9/2015 at 7:35 pm.

Aya's new filly

She is either a light bay or dark buckskin (probably bay) with little white slippers on her hind feet and a small star.  She’s bold, curious and very friendly.

6 11 2015

At one day old.


3 days old

Here is a 2 week old photo of Ahmi out on pasture with her dam and friends.  This little girl is all legs!

June 24 2015 2

I took some short (very) videos on my cellphone.  I had these nice, long ones that are too big to send, so I tried for short and sweet.



Ahmi at 3 weeks old, enjoyng some butt scratches.


Ahmi is sold to Jennifer of Tennessee!