Astrachan’s offspring

1995 Foal Crop Khan’s first offspring, Zohluska, out of a TB mareimage3851      

1996 Foal Crop: Maya – Astrachan x Molnija, owned by Milena Stozsek of Idaho


Glazenov -Astrachan x Pelenli, owned by Ann Tipps of CA

image1062Zoya – Astrachan x Alice Prime (TB), owned by Sharon Clint of CA


1997 Foal Crop: Anika – Astrachan x Anastasia, owned by Ramin Hojjati of CA


Andymn – Astrachan x Mirija (7/8 AT, 1/8 Hanoverian), owned by CGAT

00009_Andy_Monica - Copy Sunny’s Tazzy Teke – Astrachan x Sunny’s Simi del Bar, owned by Wendy Ford of Sultan, WA

image4362Kalambur – Astrachan x Forli’s Wine (TB), owned by Christian Hallam of CA

image1179Texas Turk – Astrachan x Bev’s Maggie Mae (QH), owned by Carma Jean Henry of WY


1998 Foal Crop:  Alyeshka – Astrachan x Anastasia, owned by Julie Manuele of Sequim, WAimage898Melena – Astrachan x Mirija, owned by Brooke Mansker of CAimage1246
2000 Foal Crop: MV Baikhan – Astrachan x Minorka II, owned by Brent Seufert of Canadaimage1242Kiyasa – Astrachan x Kyra, owned by Betsy Wandler of MTimage9041Kola – Astrachan x Tahoe (appy), owned and bred by Mary Ellen Westlieimage1304Maximus – Astrachan x Petrina, owned by Brad Sherman of MNimage2890Sherlock – Astrachan x QH mare, owned by Cherry Hill of CO


2001 Foal Crop: Konsul- Astrachan x Kyra, deceasedimage2113MV Patrickhan – Astrachan x Minorka II, bred and owned by Jas Shearer-McMahon of COimage4440
2002 Foal Crop: Arzuw – Astrachan x Galka 4, bred and owned by CGATimage3918Atlazad – Astrachan x Ankara, bred by Flora Floen, owned by ?

Arab cross colt – Astrachan x Oso Aleria, Arab mare owned by Nanette Young.image2544Filly – Astrachan x Jazz (7/8 Teke mare), bred and owned by Sally Mace of WI

2003 Foal CropMalika – Astrachan x Mirija, owned by Michelle Huber of HI


Malika 2

MV Aiguzay—Astrachan x Minorka II Bred by Magic Valley Farm and owned by Elizabeth Masters of CA

QH cross colt—Astrachan x Bonita (appendix QH) bred and owned by Nancy Day


2004 Foal Crop Alav – Astrachan x Anastasia, bred by CGAT, owned by Irina Kliminskaya of MA


Avamir – Astrachan x Aphrodite, bred by Max Ots, owned by?

Aikara – ?

2006 Foal Crop: Asil Tumay – Astrachan x Anastasia, gelding owned by Shannon Mayfield of OR

Tommy under saddle 2011Kichi Gul – Astrachan x Kamiah, owned by Cindy Swensen of Canada

Sahra Giz- Astrachan x Shazada Giz, deceased


Magdan – Astrachan x Meshhurlyk, owned by Lisa Fuller of TX

IMG_1030_Danny_waterhorse-LAndre– Astrachan x Mirija, owned by Lorraine S. of Canada

andre summer 2011 right sideLexikhan – Astrachan x Arab mare, bred and owned by Susie Griffin of Oregon


2007 foal Crop: Asalari– Astrachan x Anastasia, owned by CGAT



Mazaly – Astrachan x Mirija – owned by Catrina Quantrell of WA



Yavi- Astrachan x Yamka, deceased

image4131 2008 Foal Crop:

Mahri – Astrachan x Mirija, owned by Christina Morovics of TX