Astrachan- 1990 Elite graded stallion, Melechan x Fargona

Astrachan—1990 Elite Purebred Metallic Bay Stallion

Naked Foal Syndrome negative: NQ35056

image1293 image1862 image2733 image3647 image4331 image4941 image36951Astrachan is one of the finest purebred Akhal-Teke stallions in North America.  He exemplifies the Teke traits of type, temperament, fluid gaits and prepotency.He was the Number One Ranked Elite purebred stallion in North America in both the 1999 and 2002 ATAA gradings.  He has proven himself on the endurance trail, with over 485 AERC miles with Jas Shearer-McMahon.  He and Jas participated in the 2001 2001 mile XP ride and he finished stronger than he started.

Khan has the light, elegant build that helps make Akhal-Tekes such a comfortable ride, with a narrow, but deep chest.  Khan has excellent Akhal-Teke type, receiving grades of 8.0 in the 1999 and 2002 gradings from Dr. Tatyana Ryabova, the head inspector of the Russian Studbook.  He has the famous metallic coat and passes this on with regularity to his pure and part-bred offspring.  His hooded eye, sparse mane and forelock also contribute to his exotic look.  He has 8” cannon bone and well-formed, hard hooves.

Khan consistently sires correct, typey foals with his excellent type, temperament and gaits, from a wide variety of mares.

His offspring are showing their adaptability and talent as endurance horses, hunter-jumpers, ranch horses, pleasure horses and dressage horses.

Khan has had a fantastic competition and breeding career, but age and fertility issues have made us decide to retire him.   He will spend the rest of his life here at CGAT presiding over his get and getting lots of attention.

He’s been pretty much retired now for several years, but was brought out of retirement in 2013 to participate in the Pacific Northwest HorseFlicks filming for the new promotional DVD. We had 11 horses come to the filming and 5 of them were Astrachan offspring!  He’s below second from the right with me on him.