Mirija (Ria) spent her life being a fabulous riding horse and broodmare.  She is a 7/8 Teke mare that I bought in 1990 at the Sprandel auction.  She was the one that people who wanted to ride a Teke got on.  She also prompted more than one person to insist she was gaited, as she was so smooth to ride.  She injured a suspensory several years back jumping with my daughter, so was retired to broodmare only status.  2008 was her last foal and she’s since gone on to always green pastures and always full grain buckets.


SERGEI—Sentor x Mirija—1996 non-pure gelding, owned by Ann Tipps of California

ANDYMN—Astrachan x Mirija—1997 non-pure gelding, owned by CGAT

MELENA—Astrachan x Mirija—98 non-pure filly, owned by Brooke Mansker of California

MALIKA—Astrachan x Mirija—03 non-pure  filly, owned by Michelle of Hawaii

MINKA—Astrachan x Mirija—04 non-pure  filly, deceased.

ANDRE—Astrachan x Mirija—06 non-pure  gelding , owned by Lorraine of BC Canada

MAZALY—Astrachan x Mirija—07 non-pure  filly, owned by Catrina Quantrell of Centreville, WA.

MAHRI—Astrachan x Mirija—filly, born July 9th, 2008, owned by Christina Morovics