Open Barn Party, September 6th 2015

20150906_132923Much fun was had by all!  Above is a photo of the ‘Barn Booth’ aka the wash rack.

babiesThe foals checking out Baby June.

open barn 3Andy applying for a ‘new girl’.

open barn 2Alamet saying hello to Mary, a high school friend of mine.

barn party 5Ahmi making friends.barn party 4The foals (and all the horses) got lots of attention.  We had a good turnout, in fact, I didn’t even see a few of the people that came.  Thanks to all my helpers:  Larry, Zach, Alex, Eli, Alice, Lucinda and Bryan.  The house and barn look great and now we’re ready for winter. We all had a good time, thanks to everyone that came.


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