Kickin it up in Cle Elum

We were invited to come to an event over the past weekend (July 18 and 19th) in Cle Elum at the Washington State Horse Park.  As we didn’t have much time to get prepared, my friend Wendy and I brought only one horse, my gelding Ari who has been living with Wendy for a while.

It was a great opportunity to see what I had in my ‘Expo boxes’, most of which haven’t been opened since going to the World Equestrian Games in 2010.  I am pretty impressed with all the great stuff I have!

Wendy, Ari and I arrived on Saturday morning and got our stall set up.

20150718_113825Wendy rode Ari a bit in the arena and then went on a trail ride, while I stayed at the stall and answered questions.

20150718_154529Wendy riding Ari with two mini horses and carts in the arena.

Later that afternoon, they had live music, which was really great.  Unfortunately, I don’t remember the group’s name, but they were a very good bluegrass band.  We enjoyed it quite a bit!

20150718_160111We stayed the night and then watched a few clinics on Sunday morning.  As it was getting VERY hot, we decided to pack it in and head home a bit early.  But, it was a fun weekend and both Wendy and I got to relax a bit.





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