New Foal!

Our one and only foal of the year has arrived.  I always say that the last week before the foal comes is the best, as they are the right sex, color and have perfect conformation.  Once they are actually born, you get what you get.

Well, we got lucky this year!  Salam has sired 2 chestnut fillies  and one smoky black colt so far this year, so I was hoping for another chestnut filly with chrome.


Guess what?

Chestnut filly with lots of chrome! (and my daughter Alex)

So, that is three chestnut fillies and one smoky black colt for Salam’s 2017 foal crop:

and the colt:This latest filly is out of Asalari and is a cousin/half sister to the one above her.  Both dams are full sisters.  This not so little girl is still unfolding a bit, I think she was quite cramped in the ‘oven’ and will need limited turnout until her back legs relax a little bit.  She belong to Tish and Jack Saare, of Pleasant Grove Akhal-Tekes in CA.  I think Tish has a name for her already;  Amera, meaning regal birth.  We’re calling her Mira (sorry boarders!  They were petitioning for barn names such as Shiracha and Caliente. Better than the first suggestion, which was Tater Tot, lol!)

Here are two similar photos of Amera and her as-yet-unnamed sibling:

Which one is which?

Bottom one is Amera.

And, just for fun, here is a very short video of Mira trying to itch her butt.

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