All The Different Colors

Ha!  Got you!  You thought this was about horse color, right?  Well, just to slake your color lust, here is a photo of Galen’s shiny shoulder.

But no, this is about the color of…

wait for it…


Yes, both horse and human.

We’ve had a run of luck here (bad luck, by the way) that I suppose goes back a while.  But, I’ll just concentrate on the past few weeks.

First, Galen was a little bit off.  I suspected thrush (we had a really wet winter) so treated for that.  That helped some, but he was still off after about 2 weeks, and it looked like there was something in his frog.  I was worried about a foreign object in there, so took him in to Pilchuck Vet Hospital for possible radiographs.

They took one look and said “Canker”.  Now, my farrier had looked at it a few days before and said that, so I googled it, as I’d only seen it in old vet manuals.

So, Galen has canker…they cut out a piece of frog about the size of a chick pea and then froze it with liquid nitrogen.  They also told me, no riding, this would probably take a year to resolve, it’s a pain.

June 1st, after cutting the canker out and the first freeze.  The red is the topical he’s being treated with.

June 5th after a few days treatment.

Then, a few days later, while I was standing there !!! filling a water tub, Anastasia rolled and got up with a lovely gash on her leg.  How she did this I have no idea.  I looked for anything sharp, couldn’t find anything.  So, an emergency vet call to stitch her up.


A few days later, we’re back to Pilchuck to check on Galen’s canker.

They said it was healing well and instead of cutting, they just cauterized it and told me to keep doing what I was doing.

I was being pretty aggressive, carving away whatever he’d let me carve and then putting the topical on along with a pad and hoof boot.

Also, we were breeding Aishet via artificial insemination at this time too, so I saw a lot of vets in this two week time period!

For those who have stuck with me reading this, here is a color photo of Aya’s loin.  Not all that great, she is really much shinier.

Here is June 25th’s hoof shot.  I’m pretty happy with the progress.

Once again, the red is the topical and the hole is where the canker was.

So…..I’ve been really busy and a bit stressed and I think most horsey people know those aren’t a good combo.  I was leading Aya out to the pasture, not paying attention and she spooked, using my right foot as a push off.  After much swearing, some crying and a trip to the emergency room….

Amazingly enough, nothing was broken, just bruised.  I think being in the arena saved me, my foot must have mushed down into the arena.  Not much color in the photo the day of, here are succeeding days:




I am stumping around in one of my boots from previous injuries.  It isn’t all that painful (unless touched), and my kids have really pitched in so I can keep it elevated.  My daughter Callie has come home to help out (thank you Callie!) and Zach and Alex are doing their usual great job.

We should be checking Aya probably Friday or Saturday to see if she is pregnant, that photo will be in black and white.  I’m hoping that her spookiness (which is not typical) is an indicator of pregnancy.  It would be nice to have some positive results!

So, not the usual ‘color’ post, but hey, you have to see the silver lining (see what I did there?) of stuff.

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