Video of Menze Khan

I’ve been doing a bit lately with the youngsters, working on ground manners, tying, beginning (very beginning) of round penning.  With my young ones, usually I just start them by free-lunging with an older horse that knows the ropes.  So, yesterday, before George (aka Menze Khan’s) hoof trim, I free lunged he and Galen.  Galen is a pro at round pen work, so George just follows and does what Galen does.  Easy peasy!

They were going around so nicely, so I whipped out my phone and took a little video.  My phone will only send 10 seconds of film or less, so it’s very short.  But, you can get an idea of what a lovely mover George is.  He is a bit butt high right now and gangly as all get out, but he’s really looking good.  (and is FOR SALE).

And, after the free lunging, he was perfect for his hoof trim!

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