“Hay” There

Ok, sort of cheesy I know, but having your barn full of hay makes one a bit giddy.

About a week ago, I got a call from my hay dealer and after some back and forth, 2 semis each with a trailer (4 trailers all together) rolled in at 7 am on Tuesday morning.

Before they arrived, we had to clean out the hay area, get all the hay that fell through the pallets out, a redo the pallet puzzle on the floor. (we take away pallets as we use the hay above them and none seem to be the same size)  It is a bit of a challenge.

I had thought they would be coming two separate days, so we hadn’t completely cleaned out the area, HA!  While they were unloading in the clean area, I was busy cleaning up the rest of it.

I’m sweeping, cleaning and hauling out the old hay and then laying down pallets while they unload.

I think this was the second load.  The driver was very careful getting in and out of the arena.

Halfway done.  My camera was in my pocket, so the last few photos are a little bit foggy from sweat.

All full.  Right around 42 tons of hay there.  Note the hay in front of the arena rails.  I spent the rest of the day picking that up and bringing it out to all the horses.  They seemed to enjoy it quite a bit.

After I got the fence rails back up, I had to put up several higher boards to keep horses away from the ‘hay buffet’.  I still need to put up more (as Galen quickly proved to me, going through the piles of lovely hay on the ground directly to the stacked hay).  At this point, it was 7 pm and I was toast.  Couch time.

I finished it all up the next day but still need to put more boards up to keep horses away from the hay buffet.

So, I improvised.

Cavalettis are good for more than riding over!


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