Buckskin Filly…finally!

Aya presented me with a lovely, metallic buckskin filly this morning at 12:30 am.  She had been in labor all day, so I kept checking in on her during all my other chores.  It was a very busy day, as I gave a lesson, got hay out of the field (look at the nifty equipment; it took longer to take off the truck’s tailgate than to load the hay!)

IMG_0034IMG_0042Our new truck is now a seasoned ‘farm truck’!

Julie and Alice came and kept me company for several hours after I got back (Julie kept an eye on Aya while I was gone getting hay, just in case!), but both had to work Monday morning so headed out about 9:30.

I watched Aya from my cellphone/camera in the stalls, every 15 minutes or so until at 12:30 I saw that she was lying down.

I got out to the barn just in time to help pull the baby out.  One front leg was back a bit, so it was a good thing I was there.  And, it was my metallic buckskin filly!


She is a copy of her dam, with a bit more bling.  She was obviously a bit cramped in there as her hind tendons are a little bit tight.  A few days though and those should relax a bit.  I will try to get some photos during the daylight soon.  For some reason, I’m a little bit tired today!

There are several more blog posts on this filly, named Anahita.  She is a stunner and is for sale (I need a new horse trailer)


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