New Foal!

We had our first foal of the year Sunday, July 24th at 2:30 am.  Asalari (Astrachan x Anastasia) had a lovely bay colt.  Of course, I was hoping for that mythical buckskin filly, but this young man is healthy, strong and lovely.  He was up and nursing within 30 minutes and is very curious and interested in everything.

Slari's babyJust after he was born, he had sort of stood up once, but immediately crashed and burned.

20160724_101339Slari and her boy the next morning, in the light.  He is very tall, correct and typey.

20160724_135337This was a bit later in the day, he’s so tired, but not quite sure how to get down yet.  And yes, he has legs and ears for days!  He will grow into both.  Our young neighbor, Bryan, suggested we call him Curious George, as he is interested in everything.  We’ll see if that barn name sticks.  We also had Robie suggested, as the Tevis was going on at the time (Robie was the originator of the Tevis ride).  I don’t know, the foals usually pick their own barn names, so we’ll see.

He is for sale, so buy him now and you can pick his real name AND his barn name.  There will be plenty of new photos of him, both here and on Facebook.  Contact me directly if you might be interested.  he should mature around 15.1 or 15.2 and is very correct and typey.  Endurance anyone?

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