Mt Adams 2016

I went to the Mt. Adams endurance ride over the weekend. Sadly (for me and I think Galen) it was sans horse.  My friend Suzanne, is wanting to get into endurance and thought (correctly) that volunteering at a ride is a great way to see what is what.

We drove down Friday and found a nice camping spot.  It really is amazing how going without a horse makes things so easy.

We went to the Friday night ride meeting and found out what we’d be doing the next day.

Saturday morning, we were at the finish line to check in all the riders as they completed each loop.  Most (if not all) of the vet checks were in camp, so we didn’t have many times of nothing to do.  I was impressed by how many of the riders thanked us for volunteering, even when they were tired and limping. It was a wonderful thing!  I hope all rides have riders that polite.

It was pretty neat that we could see the pulsers, the vet check and the ride office from where we were.  Suzanne got to see how people took care of their horses, vetting through, etc.

We did in-timer checking until about 5, when both of us were getting the 1000 yard stare.  Darlene found someone else to take our place and we headed back to the camper for a well deserved dinner and libations.

We went to the awards meeting Sunday morning and then broke camp and headed home.  We both did get a nice thank you t-shirt.

We got home, unpacked and unloaded the camper and uh oh.  The bottom is starting to fall off it and the sides where the big eye bolts attach it to the camper are starting to pull out.  I knew it was a temporary camper (it is older and very well used), but I was hoping it would at least get us through the year.  Looking at the bottom though, I think it has one more trip in it, probably either as a hunting camp camper or for parts.  I think one big bump and it would just fly off.  It’s really sad too, as the inside is in great condition, all the appliances work nicely and the plumbing is great.  But the wood…not so much.

sigh…if it’s not one thing it’s another.

Suzanne and I had been planning on going to Klickitat and just camping with her horse (and Galen of course) and doing some ‘get used to ride camp work’, but I don’t think the camper is safe.

My plan has been to buy a LQ horse trailer, maybe even later this year.  I don’t think it’s in the cards (or the checkbook) right now though.  I guess we’ll see what happens!

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